Factory Girl

Waiting for a girl who’s got curlers in her hair. Waiting for a girl she has no money anywhere. We get buses everywhere. Waiting for a factory girl.

Last week GC and I went to see The Rural Alberta Advantage and Dan Mangan at the Danforth Music Hall. This is a great venue – it is a former movie theatre that has had its seats torn out and is now general admission for shows. Both bands are great – high energy but with tunes to sway and relax to, a great example of contemporary Canadian music.

We never venture east of Yonge – we typically don’t even venture east of Spadina so we were a little lost along the Danforth. We wandered along Danforth just past Broadview and we settled on Factory Girl (hence my Stones reference).

Factory Girl is your standard gastropub with exposed brick walls, dark corners and booths and tables. The walls are adorned with classic rock posters and classic rock is playing from the speakers. It has a very laid back, casual vibe – if I lived out here I think I would spend many a night on its back patio. Yes, it has a fenced in back patio.

Thursday night was that night last week that was about 20 degrees and full of sunshine but Hurricane Sandy ruined most thing so we were able to sit on the patio. I love any time I get to sit  on a patio in late October – it is just one of the many reasons I love October and fall in general.

We ordered a couple of pints and some dinner to munch on before the concert. I ordered the nachos.

Nachos covered in cheddar, mozzarella, tomatoes, beans, jalapeno peppers, shredded lettuce and Cajun chicken. Served with guacamole, salsa and sour cream.

These were amazing! Not as good as Sneaky’s but pretty close. The looked gorgeous, which is something you don’t usually hear about nachos. They were piled in a neat little pile, perfectly covered in cheese and they didn’t get soggy. I liked that a blend of cheese was used instead of just one type, as you typically find. All the ingredients were in large quantity and well spread out except the beans but I didn’t really notice/care. The chicken was spicy, tender and moist – I definitely suggest you add the chicken to your nachos and don’t waste time with the grilled chicken. These nachos were yummy enough that I might considering making the trek down to the Danforth just to eat them…

GC ordered the Prime Rib Hoagie.

Prime Rib Hoagie topped cheddar, sauteed mushrooms, and onions with au jus on the side.

GC liked this sandwich and it was so juicy that he didn’t need the au jus on the side.

A great meal, followed by great music with the greatest person I know.

Happy munching!