Maker Pizza – The Bodega

I’m currently on a huge sandwich kick: I’ve been eating various iterations of Cubano sandwiches, I recently munched a lobster roll from Buster’s Sea Cove in St. Lawrence Market, I’m planning a burger date in the next week or so with my pal Lynsey and I’ve been eating copious amounts of breaded chicken sandwiches from California Sandwiches thanks to Uber Eats.


While the excessive eating of Uber Eats has to stop (or I at least have to walk to California Sandwiches location that is 10 minutes away from my house), the sandwich eating does not. Sandwiches are the most convenient way to eat meat and cheese. On the weekend GC and I put this theory to the test and headed down to Maker Pizza to try their sandwiches. Yes, we went to a pizza joint to eat sandwiches but I suggest you do too. We both ordered the Bodega which is arguably one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten.

IMG_5815The Bodega with mortadella, ham, turkey, salami, mozzarella, provolone, tomato, white onion, iceberg lettuce, roasted red pepper, roasted jalapeno, pepperoncini, sub sauce and served on a sesame bun.

This sandwich is as intimidating, epic and ridiculous as it looks. Despite having four types of deli meat (which I now think all sandwiches should), the sandwich is not greasy or heavy. This is because the veggie portion of the sandwich is made into a slaw with a vinegary tartness to it, which lightens the sandwich. By making the vegetables into a slaw, you do not have any of that wet, sliminess that can sometimes happen with having lettuce on a sandwich – which is why GC does not put lettuce on his sandwiches. The lettuce doesn’t shift and pull with each bite, leaving your sandwich intact until the very last bite. The jalapeño and pepperoncini add a nice level of heat to the sandwich which also helps break up the greasiness of the deli meat. The heat doesn’t overpower the sandwich or your palate, simply highlights the peppery tastes of the mortadella and salami. The cheese combination is perfect. Provolone and mozzarella play together to create a smoky and creamy cheese duet that can stand up against the strong flavours of the meat quartet.

I fell in love with this sandwich and Maker Pizza. I am already planning my next date with this sandwich (hopefully this Saturday) and future picnics that will happen in Alexandra Park with various pizzas from this restaurant.

Happy munching!

Wilbur Mexicana Restaurant

It is no secret that I love Mexican food, especially tacos so it was shocking that I hadn’t yet tried Wilbur Mexicana Restaurant given that it opened over a year ago. A few weeks ago I was finally able to check this restaurant outwith my friends Lynsey and Sarah.

The restaurant is named after the chemist Wilbur Scoville, who created the Scoville scale which is used to measure the heat of peppers. No, this isn’t something that I just randomly know because I am a huge history nerd (which is true); the restaurant provides fun facts on the menu and the table numbers.

The restaurant’s interior is industrial and resembles a 19th century laboratory. There is a combination of sleek countertops, high-top tables and lower tables clustered around tufted-leather booths. The back wall of the restaurant is a feature wall: there is a large, apothecary-cabinet like wall piece that houses dried chilies and other supplies, ready for scientific experiments. The light fixtures are appropriated scientific beakers, giving the restaurant that hipster-industrial cool edge that King West craves.

The restaurant features casual ordering: you order from the front counter, they give you a number which features a stylized drawing of a pepper on the front and the back provides various factoids regarding the pepper. How could I not love Wilbur: good food and knowledge! We each ordered 3 tacos, and starters to share: chips with guacamole, chips with queso fundido and Mexican street corn.

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A few weeks ago I went to Beast for brunch with Cynthia. We sat on the patio and drank premium roast coffee from Kenya. Beast’s menu features a rotating assortment of coffees chosen by the chef who is a coffee connoisseur. If you are a coffee drinker, come to Beast. Your coffee won’t be an overlooked part of your brunch menu. As someone who isn’t much of a coffee drinker it was nice to be given a specific type of coffee based on what type of coffee I can handle – light, medium or dark. Although I prefer a lighter roast coffee, I opted for the medium roasted coffee of the day since the other two choices featured pecans and peanuts.

Cynthia ordered the Beastwich. IMG_0768The Beastwich with a buttermilk biscuit, fried chicken thigh, pimento cheese, a fried egg, pork sausage gravy and house potatoes.

The chicken was crispy and juicy. The meal as a whole was very thick and heavy. This is standard for this type of breakfast, they typically sink like a brick in your stomach and you don’t need to eat until late afternoon. We both thought that something zesty or some greens on the side would have been nice for presentation and would have lighten the plate slightly. This dish is not for the faint of heart.

I ordered the Huevos Rancheros.

IMG_0766 IMG_0767The Huevos Rancheros with 2 crispy corn tortillas, Mexican-style chorizo, bean salad, avocado purée, tomato-red chile sauce, sheep’s milk feta and 2 sunny side up eggs served with house potatoes.

I will always be tempted by huevos rancheros when it is on a menu. Although this was good, it is not my favourite huevos rancheros – that I am crediting to the bite I had of Cynthia’s from SCHOOL. It wasn’t the best thing to order off the menu (despite the server’s suggestions) as it did not feature enough of Beast’s specialty: its meat.

The tortillas were very crunchy with an earthy corn taste. The avocado was smooth and silky, topped with an assortment of beans that were nutty and grainy, a lovely contrast in textures. I did not love the taste or texture of the chorizo. I prefer my chorizo to resemble the actual sausage, rather than it having a granular texture. It was mixed with too many vegetables to be appreciated. It did not have the amount of spice and heat that is necessary in a delicious chorizo sausage. If the chorizo sausage had been different, I would have enjoyed this dish as a whole even more. It was the low point for me. However, there was ample heat from the tomato-red chile sauce and I gave my dish a healthy sprinkling of the various hot sauces that were brought to the table. The eggs were runny and creamy, especially when they oozed into the fresh goat’s cheese. Yums.

This was tasty, but not my favourite “meat heavy” restaurant in Toronto. It was worth the visit and was made better by the company but it will not become a regular brunch spot for me.

Happy munching!

Buffalo Wild Wings

I don’t typically cover chain-restaurants because they aren’t anything new and exciting but in my quest for my favourite chicken wings I thought I would let you all know my thoughts on Buffalo Wild Wings.

GC and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings on Valentine’s Day which of course lead our server to ask if we are married. I guess when you go for wings on Valentine’s Day peope assume all romance has been lost and therefore you are married (I don’t believe this personally but I feel like society in general does). There are currently only three locations in Canada and for some strange reason, Newmarket got a location. Wing places come to die in Newmarket.

BWW is a mixture of bar and family dining which is something unique in a wing place. We sat in the bar area and there was about 4545332345674 televisions with various sports games – clearly this is a place where you would want to watch a game. In addition to all the televisions, they also have these game consoles that you can bring to your game and play games similar to what you would find on a smart phone. BWW is suffering from some major sensory overload.

Everything here is so cheap! And it came out so fast! And you know what – that’s how it should be! I realize all this food is processed and from frozen so therefore, why should I be paying tons of money and waiting half an hour for my food!

We started with the soft pretzels.

These were salty, and cheesy but I would have liked them a little softer. There was two different types of dipping sauce – a cheese and a mustard sauce. The cheese sauce was a little thick and reminded me of Cheese Whiz and then made me want celery. The mustard had a nice zing and was the perfect compliment to the salty pretzels.

Sweet potato fries. Pretty standard but always something that grabs me.

The wings.

Not the meatiest wings out there but great flavour. I think these are my favourite wing flavours I have ever had but not my favourite wings. I got a pound of the Honey BBQ and GC got a pound in two flavours (also something typically unheard of in wing culture. Typically, you can only split flavours among whole pounds, rather than half pounds): Honey BBQ and Parmesan Garlic.

The Honey BBQ had a sweet flavour and a nice heat. I am slowly trying to build my tolerance to heat and according to the BWW heat scale, this is above their medium. That is a pretty big deal for me.

GC said the Parmesan Garlic was salty and creamy but having a whole pound would have been overwhelming and would have killed his taste buds. Luckily, our server told us this and we didn’t kill our mouths or wallets for no reason.

Everything comes in a paper basket and the wings are marked with the quantity and the flavour. This avoids someone getting hot wings and burning their face off. I like the stickers, I don’t like the paper baskets. It just makes me feel like I’m at a pseudo-picnic.

Overall, great flavour but not the biggest wings. Luckily, we went on cheap wing night so you could order two pounds of wings for the price of one.