October 11, 2014.

After 7 and a half years of dating, GC and I tied the knot on October 11th, 2014. The weather was gorgeous: it was sunny, clear and crisp. It was the perfect fall day. Our ceremony took place in the gardens at the Columbus Center, an Italian community center close to our house that GC took various lessons and classes at as a child.

audrey&giancarlo0217I walked down the aisle with both of my parents to “We’re Going to Be Friends” by the White Stripes, a song that encapsulates our relationship as more than just boyfriend and girlfriend but as best friends and falling in love as kids in university.

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Our Wedding Cake

Whenever I thought about my wedding day I didn’t picture my dress or imagine getting married in the church I grew up in, I thought about the food. I daydreamed about the various courses and the flow of the meal, what types of sauces would be drizzled over the entrees and what desserts would sweeten the whole event. Desserts turned from a simple plate to finish the meal to an entire dessert table featuring cookies, tarts and candy all centered around The Cake. I used to naively think that I would make my own wedding cake. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to show my friends and family all the skills and efforts that I possessed, someone who started baking as a hobby but had become skilled enough to tackle a feat like this.

After we got engaged I realized this was a ridiculous undertaking. I never fully realized how much went into planning a wedding and how much of it has to be done closer to the day. I have never made a multi-tiered cake before and it would be crazy to think of doing this for the first time the week of my wedding. If I failed, where would we get a cake of that size and beauty that would be substantial enough for our wedding?

Although this was a sad realization it meant that we could do cake tastings. Is there anything better than eating cake for free? I don’t think so. I went to a bridal show at the start of January with my entire family (that started as a nightmare and is a whole other story) and was able to sample three bakeries. I then researched Toronto bakeries (this list by BlogTO is a good starting point but it is out of date – Bakerbots is currently not taking orders and Cake Opera no longer exists) and started setting up appointments.

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We’re Getting Married!!!!!!!!

The past month and a half has been insane! On August 22nd GC and I got engaged. He asked with Scrabble:

IMG_4402And we asked (some) our bridal party with a peach pie:


We will be getting married on October 11th, prescription 2014. The next year is going to be filled with flowers, troche dresses but most importantly, menus and wedding cakes! Stay tuned for tasty updates!

Happy munching!